Fair Processing Notice

Why am I seeing this message?

While most of the information contained in your profile will be your business information, the On Call Contacts section of your profile will be populated with Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This information is protected under the GDPR.

This message is to inform and remind you of how the service works in relation to the new GDPR laws. You will see this message again every 6 months as a reminder, or if anything changes.

What will I need to do?

As we will not know if your On Call Contacts information is accurate and up to date, we request that you help us in this regard by removing any on call contacts that are no longer needed. If you haven't used a certain contact after 28 days, ask yourself if you still require this on call contact. If not, please remove them from the system. If any members of your staff leave your business, they should be removed instantly. If you require assistance in removing any on call contacts, please email us at support@localfuneral.co.uk. If possible, include your Agent ID (6 digit number beginning with 3) in order to assist us in finding the right details.

What about On Call Contacts marked as "default"?

These contacts are special, as they are tied to a portal login account. As they are required to log in to the portal, they can be kept far longer on our system, and as such do not need to be removed. If for some reason you need to remove one of these (such as the login account staff member leaving your business), please email support@localfuneral.co.uk and we will assist you. You can edit your own login details from your Settings page.

What will we do?

We will handle the removal of customer PII appearing in the portal for you. Any customer information from accepted requests will be removed from our system after 28 days.

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