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The Green The Green, Crowell, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, OX39 4RR
Surman & Horwood is a family independent business founded in the second half of the 1940’s by the late Mr. Bertram Surman & Mr. Thomas Horwood From the very first, the driving force was to provide the very best possible service to the bereaved relatives and for every respect to be given to the deceased person. Today, well over half a century later, these principles are still in place under the careful management of Surman & Horwood Funeral service by the Sons of the Late Mr. Bertram Surman. Our telephone service is available on a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year basis. Thus at anytime of day or night, the caller may be assured of a caring and sympathetic reply. We do assure the bereaved that we offer a most efficient and compassionate service. Mr. Robert W. Surman DIP., F.D. Mr. Richard H. Surman M.B.I.E Mr. Philip Surman Mr. Craig Surman

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