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51 Rossendale Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, G41 3RH
We are a locally owned family funeral director that has a long and proud history of personal service to local communities. Carrying on the family tradition is a way of life for us as independent funeral directors and we are deeply committed to upholding the highest professional standards. What is in the name? In all forms of business today there are big, international companies that have made their profits by taking over small firms. The funeral profession is no exception. Many businesses have been swallowed up by the giants. The trouble is, there usually isn’t any change of name to tell you the difference. That makes it hard for you to distinguish between the family-owned firm and the conglomerate. Without asking, you might never know if the owners, your family has trusted over the years, continue to make the decisions which will affect the service you receive. Devoted to families, not profits Large conglomerates answer to shareholders. We answer to you and only you. In our family owned firm there is no pressure from head office to increase profits at the expense of service so we can pass on the savings to you. We know our business will do well when we serve you well every step of the way.

Trade Body Associations

Malone & Fox Independent Funeral Directors is a member of the following trade body associations; ensuring they adhere to the highest standards set for independent funeral directors in the UK.

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