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Bank House 14a Market Pl, Faringdon, SN7 7HP
At 19 Years old Lee was Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer, While undergoing treatment lee felt he still was able and wanted to work so he approached a local funeral directors and was taken on as a casual bearer for when he was feeling up to working. Once Lee finished his treatment he went on to work full-time and worked his way up to funeral director In 2016 Lee was given the all clear from his cancer. Lee has currently been in the profession for 6 years to date and has experience in several funeral homes, corporate as well as independent funeral services. Marie already runs a successful domiciliary care business based in the heart of faringdon providing high standards of care. In 2018 Lee Jackson and his Long term Fiancée Melanie teamed up with Marie and Lee Browning to establish Jackson and Browning Funeral Services Ltd At Jackson and Browning, we Lee, Melanie, Marie and Lee are very clear that the care we will provide to your loved ones will be to the highest standards, with the dignity and respect we would expect to be shown to our own family and nothing less. Our office will be open for your convenience Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and all other times of the day and night we will be on call, to assist in attending toy our loved ones after they have sadly passed away. We will personally answer your out of hours call and should be able to give you a estimated time of arrival. We can also offer a wide range of keep sakes and caskets, pre-payed funeral plans, headstone/memorials, 24 hour personal care, Private chapel of rest.

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