Fred Hamer Funeral Services Ltd

New Inn Bell Lane, Bury, BL9 6HT
Fred Hamer Funeral Services is a proud, family-owned Lancashire company. Families who put their funeral arrangements into the hands of Fred Hamer Funeral Services know that they’ll receive practical help, warmth and understanding from the family and staff, who will help them through those traumatic first few days after a loved one passes. Over the decades, the firm has expanded greatly. There are now eight of our funeral homes serving the North West. Our fleet of beautifully turned out funeral vehicles are renowned across the country and regularly travel great distances to be of service. The company is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors, and boasts several holders of the associations Diploma in Funeral directing amongst its staff. Several of our Funeral Directors are licensed members of the British Institute of Funeral Directors. The respect accorded to the departed and the bereaved by Fred Hamer and his family has happily been passed along to the present generation running the family firm.

Trade Body Associations

Fred Hamer Funeral Services Ltd is a member of the following trade body association(s); ensuring they adhere to the highest standards set for independent funeral directors in the UK.